Data Collection (2)

Shopfloor Data Collection


See how data is currently collected in your production field. Production results may be written on a temporary piece of paper then added up and transferred to Production Results paper per shift to then be given to the Production Admin to be inputted in ERP.

Lots of steps and copy and calculation errors that may occur and most importantly your data is not up to date, you might see today Production Report yesterday or 2 days ago, things that should be done soon are too late, and maybe there is a production error and waste of raw materials that could have been prevented.


Generally, ERP uses paper production results as the basis for input and input is carried out on the next shift or the next day, this causes the production data to not be realtime.


Falcon Shopfloor will change all of this.

Input production results in real time at the point of production. Paperless, reducing a lot of clerical work and efficiency of the number of production admins and most importantly Production data and reports can be viewed in real time.